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Monday, December 26, 2005

Prototype of 2 person SUDOKU Board Game

Below are two photographs of the 2-person SUDOKU Board Game.
If anyone (Mattel, HasBro etc.) in the Board-Game industry interested please contact me for more details.

Board Game (For 2) of Suduku

Board Game (For 2) of Suduku

Sodoko Game _markers update

To ensure that there is always a winner and no Stalemate , I have introduced seven types of markers and 5 of each type instead of 6 types of markers x 6.


Sudoku is back

The 2-person Sodoko game is back on my site for your reading enjoyment. I had temporarily removed it for 3 months (August-October) for security and confidentiality reasons:
I was developing the board game,
And, with a friend from IGDA, was in the process of “productizing” the game for the PC platform.
Wish me Luck.

Winning Sodoko Game

Correct Play

Sodoko Game - Bad play

The Start of the game

Sudoku as a 2 person Game

I have made Sudoku into made into a game for 2 players. My game uses a 6 x 6 Grid ( 36 cells) with 6 rectangular blocks of 3 x 2. Almost the same rules of Sudoku prevail (i.e. each row, each column and each rectangular block can only have 6 different markers without repetition). At the start the Board is empty and there is a common pool of 36 markers ( which can be used by both players). The first player selects any 3 markers and gives it to the 2nd player to place on the board. After the 2nd player’s placement, he in turn chooses 3 markers and gives it to the 1st player to place on the board. The game proceeds in similar fashion in turns. The first player to complete any row or column or the 3x2 rectangular box wins ( he does not have to use all his 3 markers to accomplish this). A player loses if he cannot legally place all his 3 markers. The tactics lie not only in the placement but in the selection of the markers to give to the other player. I give examples of poor play when one cant place the 3 markers , and good play and a winning play.