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Sunday, May 27, 2007


I, Chandru Arni found this puzzle as an excellent puzzle game and have enjoyed both "Solving" the puzzles and "Creating" them. To be honest I prefer creating them.

I also assure both adults and children to play together and have more fun both playing and testing their creativity on this wonderful puzzle game. I hate games that show brutality and indulge in violence. If they want entertainment I recommend "Whizzball" .

As defined in the site
“ A WhizzBall! puzzle is made up of a grid, a drop funnel (where the ball begins its journey to the target), a target (where the ball should end up) and building bricks, which you'll find in the scrollable bar below the grid. The building bricks roll, bounce, direct, punch and throw the ball towards the target.”

When I create the puzzle I start by placing the Drop funnel and then place the Building Bricks,one or two at a time and then test ( ie. drop the ball in the Funnel and see where it finally lands). Once I have exhausted all my imagination for each game and the several routes the ball has too travel, I place the target and test once more.If the ball finally hits the target, the puzzle is complete. You can then SUBMIT the puzzle for others too play and you are awarded points to keep you competitive. The site also rates your puzzle as Easy,medium,hard and very hard;besides awarding "stars" for popularity. ( Incidentally,one of my puzzles exhibited in this blog was rated "very hard" and earned 5 stars for popularity)

You are only shown the Drop funnel , the Target , the Grid spaces occupied ( in grey) and the available Building bricks. You have to reconstruct the puzzle. You are allowed to ask for a clue ( but you lose points !).

Having said this , I show with some illustrations what the puzzle looks like, but nothing is better than going to this link:

(http://kids.discovery.com/games/whizzball/whizzball.html )

The only problem with the site is that there are literally hundreds of thousands of players and you have to select a fancy USERNAME as most have been taken up !