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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ronnie 0''Sullivan - the legend

I am a great admirer Ronnie O'Sulivan though I have only seen him play on TV. You can’t take your eyes off him, his movement and the way he literally commands the position of the balls in Snooker. If I had a choice to see Tendulkar and Ronnie at the same time on TV, I will take the latter and that is saying a great deal!

Ronnie O' Sullivan , nicknamed "the Rocket" ( born 1975), 3 times world champion and occupied the world No 1 player on 5 occasions is the most talented player in the history of the game according to most pundits....a 1st century break at 10 years of age, a maximum score possible of 147 at age 15 and turned professional at 16 ! O'Sullivan is right-handed, but can play to a high standard with his left hand. While not quite possessing the same power in his left arm he is genuinely ambidextrous. His style of playing is fast and attacking which with all his other qualities makes him a genius and the biggest draw in snooker.

He has had a rough life and background. His parents have both served time. His mother, Maria, for tax evasion and his father, was sentenced to 18 years for murder and is still serving term. His marriage life was also pretty bad and personally he has been guilty of many offences (e.g.: guilty of assaulting an official, drink and drug addictions abuse, poor conduct and gross misbehavior). As such he is not an Icon but a genius, he is.

Watch this 147 break (the highest break possible) in just 5 minutes. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


You can easily create a slideshow by using some of your pictures (or a simple image as I have done) on the website wwwdotslidedotcom. What I have shown below is the simplest just using my face in a jigsaw. Several effects and transitions are available there to be used fancifully. My purpose here is to introduce you to this site where a slideshow can be done and directly emailed to friends or placed in Facebook. Enjoy