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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sudoku - Tutorials, Contests and Cheating

SUDOKU : Tutorials, Contests and Cheating.
The main site of the pioneer , Wayne Gould, trading as Pappocom is http://www.sudoku.com/ .Clicking on the link on the left column “how to solve” leads you to a very good tutorial.
Another good tutorial is found here along with examples : http://www.puzzle.jp/letsplay/sudokuruleflash-e.html

Every month one or more newspapers/magazines presently hold contests. One of the sites that hold this is http://www.sudoku.com/contest.htm where every month there is a contest and the solution and winner is declared the following month. You may want to try it !

If you want an unfair (Cheat !) advantage, or need to know the answer to the latest one that's driving you nutty, or you just want to know what the fuss is all about, why not check out Guy's Sudoku Solver at http://www.sudoku-solver.org.uk/ ?
This will solve your Sudoku problem in seconds while you watch!
You can also use it to create your own puzzles and solutions to give to friends. Either way you'll be onto a winner. Unfortunately it does not make use of the techniques stated herein but solves them inelegantly using Computer Brute Force.

Another site, where, given a puzzle you can solve it there is : http://www.sudokusolver.co.uk/


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