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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This puzzle was invented by a French Mathematician Edouard Lucas in 1883. The problem is to transfer the tower of ‘n’ disks from that peg to any of the other 2 vacant pegs, moving one disk to a time and never placing the a disk on top of a smaller one. This is to be accomplished in the least number of moves.

The puzzle is also referred to as the “Tower of Brahma” situated in the holy city of Benares, India. Legend has it that there were 64 disks of Gold on one “peg” and that the priests are engaged in transferring the disks and when the last move is made the world will end . The formula for the least no. of moves is 2 raised to the power of ‘n’ minus 1. Assuming that there is no wrong move and if it takes one second per move, it will take 15 secs to transfer 4 disks and just about 4 minutes for 8 disks and about one month for 15 disks…. But roughly 600 billion years for all 64disks.

To play this game there are several sites but I recommend this link as the best:


I suggest you see the solutions below before attempting to solve the puzzle. That it.


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