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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Must vote for? Who ?To get a criminal Government? No thank you !

This is once again election time and we are told that as proud Indians we must cast our vote for the next Government and that we belong to the world’s largest democracy and every vote counts. SHIT!

Though I make this statement I have cast my vote this morning. My vote goes to a candidate who I have read and heard about and WHO, to the best of my knowledge is “CLEAN”. Unfortunately when the Government is formed, such persons will not have much of a voice. The voice of the Dynasty (of any party), their relatives, “hangers-on”, sycophants, (“Indira is India and India s Indira”), murderers, booth capturers, ‘threateners’ ,etc who got the party the votes, will finally rule.

The Parties put up candidates based on only a single factor; “winnability”. Several of their candidates are prima facie murderers and who are guilty of anti national crimes, for example Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar for the 1984 massacre of Sikhs, Sanjay Dutt for his possession of prohibited weapons under the Arms Act during the 1993 Mumbai Serial Blasts, and recently, Vaiko for threatening a blood bath in India if alleged Rajiv Gandhi assassination conspirator V. Prabhakaran is harmed, D.Srinivas saying at a public rally that he would sacrifice his life for Muslims and if need be, cut off hands of those who pointed a finger at them,Varun Gandhi saying in another speech about the “ cutting off those hands which strike Hindus’ Lalu Prasad responding in another hate speech that had he been the Home minister, he would have crushed "that person" (Varun Gandhi) for his alleged anti-Muslim speech. We must remember that these words and actions are NOT that which occurred at random; they are planned. They were prepared speeches to be given in front of lakhs of voters. Nobody talks about issues such as the economy, health, poverty alleviation, eliminating terrorism, etc. That is in their manifesto. All this is treated as “given”. Almost all politicians engage in hate speeches using foul language and threats. The so called ‘Prime minister in waiting”, in this election, also traded charges on their individual character and did a ‘tic for tat’ like school children. The fate of a nation hangs in the balance and none can be trusted. Liquor, money and promises of Free Power, colored TV sets, Cooking gas connections, etc are used to entice the voter. One voter confided in me saying that he would welcome an election every month as he will definitely get some money, liquor and a day off!

When things go too far, as mentioned earlier, the Election Commissioner just gives a warning and says that he is powerless as per the present Law. The main parties like the Congress and the BJP also do not take action as they will lose votes. Their ONLY consideration is to come to power. Everything else is not important. And when they come to power they will have to pay a big price to stay on ( e.g.: Shibu Soren,the criminal who served term and was made Union Coal Minister in the Manmohan Singh’s government).

Does the solution lie in the throwing of shoes as this one (Home Minister Chidambaram shooed by a Sikh journalist worked as no ticket was given to Jagdish Tyler and Sajjan Kumar). How many pairs of shoes are necessary to throw out bad candidates?


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